Rat Race, Snail Pace

Challenging the growth imperative
Artistic strategies for socio-ecological transformation

A public online presentation of works of the artistic and applied theory workshop Rat Race, Snail Pace - Challenging the growth imperative - a collaboration of Ecological Economics (WU Vienna) and Social Design (University of Applied Arts Vienna).

What is economic growth and productivity? How is it related to resource and energy use, human well-being and social stability? What role can artistic strategies play to challenge the growth imperative? How can methods of art and media be used to trigger public involvement in the growth discourse? How can marketing strategies be instrumentalized for a critique of economic growth?

Based on these questions, the workshop Rat Race, Snail Pace aims to develop diverse strategies to challenge the global growth imperative by interdisciplinary collaboration between students from the Vienna University of Economics and Business and the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
The public presentation of the results of the workshop will be held online here:

The workshop is part of a deeper involvement of both departments in the subject of Degrowth, accompanying the co-organisation of the conference Degrowth Vienna 2020 - Strategies for Social-Ecological Transformation and an upcoming exhibition on the topic.
With Ernest Aigner, Martin Färber, Oliver Hangl, Halliki Kreinin and Nina Pohler.

Vergangene Termine