Pop / Rock

Push/ Kid, Feral/ Argon

Push. (Usa)
two-piece emo-rock-punk-outfit (formely playing in TIGER LILY and SOUTHTOWNE LANES) playing beautifuly, punky, mathy, catchy tunes — you'll be suprised!
FFO: Elliott, The World Is A Beautiful Place…, 1994!, Viva Belgrado and/or Sufjan Stevens

Kid, Feral (Swe)
batshit-crazy screamo-punk-trio from sweden: ›Seeing us guarantees a whole 15+ minutes of full throttle screamo entertainment, blink and you’ll miss it!‹ …can't add anything to that, except FFO: Paan, Masada, Beau Navire, (early) Saetia, Det är därför vi bygger städer

ARGON (Lux/Aut)
experimental trio from Luxembourg, smashing their instruments currently/mostly in Vienna: from dark'n'heavy postcore noise to beautiful sound-scapces!

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