Push 4 pres.: Merikan & AnatomiX

The Last Edition before the Summer Break, so we proudly present to you a huge Neurofunk Showdown, supported by Neurofunk, what else?…

Cut to the present day, and Merikan´s technical accomplishment as a producer is clear, with a stack of releases ready or in preparation for some of the most exciting labels of the present.

Anatomix is one of the outstanding acts in austria´s Neurofunk-DnB, and we are proud that Mike is a part of our Crew…

Fluc_wanne: PUSH 4 DNB

Merikan (Blackout / C4C / PRSPCT Recordings - IT)
AnatomiX (NeurofunkGrid / PUSH 4 DNB)
HIGHTRONIX B2B SCVLPTURE (Neurofunk, what else?)
Hidden Detail (PUSH 4 DNB)
Mr. HighFi (PUSH 4 DNB)

Fluc oben: PUSH 4 TEC presents Radical Change

LAYERS & FLVP LIVE (Feelin’ Acid?, Neo Violence - CZ)
Hiddenboy b2b Hardware (Different Method - CZ)
DJ Joe-Joe (FM4 Digital Konfusion Mixshow)
Thormann (PUSH 4 TEC)
Farmig & Lauschig (PUSH 4 TEC)
Schwarzlicht (PUSH 4 TEC)

Doors: 23:00 unten, 21:00 oben
Entry: 8€ <00:00> 10€

AFTERHOUR pres. by Morgenklang:

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