Push 4 pres.: Alibi / BRA, Tommy Libera & exploSpirit

DAS WERK WIEN IS BACK, stronger than ever, providing a huge soundsystem and a real nice renovated atmosphere on the whole venue. To celebrate this with you, we have a Monsterpackage of 3 international Headliners this evening.

On the first floor, our PUSH 4 TEC - Crew celebrate his international first timer with two grand legends from Germany. On first, we have Tommy Libera, who is known as the Boss from the legendary Affenkäfig Köln. Alongside we bring you one of the most upcoming Hard-Techno producers from Hardwandler Records, known as exploSpirit.

On the other floor, that is also shining by his new massive Soundsystem, the PUSH 4 DNB - Crew is celebrating another special edition of DEEP IMPACT, together with the old infamous good friends of us, VOLLKONTAKT and our headliner ALIBI from brazil, that will pump your ears straight with the deep sound.


Floor 1: PUSH 4 TEC presents:

Vergangene Termine