Push 4 Dnb pres.: Deep Impact with QZB

Precision, quality and a forward thinking mindset; all those traits can be associated with the two guys hailing from Germany and Switzerland going by the name of QZB.

Their innovative and unheard sound design and out-of-the-box approach to production gained them lots of support by Skeptical, Noisia and Kasra.
They have been nominated as Best Newcomers for the Drum and Bass Arena Awards 2017 and we are honored to have them as our headliner for our second Deep Impact!


Room 1: PUSH 4 DNB (Drum and Bass)

QZB (Critical Music - CH)

Wingz (PUSH 4 DNB)

Concrete (PUSH 4 DNB)
Vinyl Set!

Wasted (Voller Freude) (The Liquid Collective)

Room 2: PUSH 4 TEC (Techno/Tech-House)

Jackie Dj aka Zero Absence (SLO)

Robert Stahl (Verein Southbeat & Driving Forces Recordings)

Thormann (PUSH 4 TEC)

El Chriso (PUSH 4 TEC)

Daniel Espero (PUSH 4 TEC)

Visuals by PUSH4LAS

Doors 23:00
Entry 8€ < 00:00 > 10€
Free Limited Shots!!!

1090 WIEN

U4/U6 Spittelau - Ausgang WU - 2te Rampe Links rauf - Treppenabgang am Ende des Parkhaus runter - die Stadtbahnbögen auf der Straßenseite entlang bis zum Eingang

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