Psybox - Frühlingstanz 2019

Psychedelic Trance & Tribal Gathering !

We raise upon Beltane night
Our Offspring brings all joy and bright
To elves and fairies we sing and dance
Within the sacred ring we trance

Dear fellow folks, Brothers & Sisters. Its time again to reunite for the long anticipated 'Frühlingstanz'. Together we summon the Spirits for the new beginning of lifeforce. It's the annual reunion of gods and godesses to birth Light and strengh to new beginnings.

We are glad to open the gates for one of the most anticipated festivities by 'PSYBOX' - the 'Frühlingstanz' formaly known as 'Walpurgisnacht'. A rite from the past celebrated in the present.

The celestial game between the Dark and the Light opens its gates to begotten a new era on earth. Let's bond together in an ecstatic dance to unleash the power of new Life and a new beginning. Welcome to 'Frühlingstanz' 2019. by PSYBOX

★ Music Styles: ★


DARK PROGRESSIVE - on 2nd Stage!



internatinal Guests

► KINDZADZA - Osom Music / Russia

► DARK WHISPER - Alice D Records / Italy

► MEGALOPSY - Dark Prisma Records / Argentina

► GOTALIEN - Kamino Records / Italy

► DJANE PSYNONIMA - Freak Records / Spain

Supported by

► BENSENSE - Psybox Music / Austria

► SZIG SAG - Psybox Music / Austria

► PRAYING MANTIS - Psybox Music / Austria

► ALIENBRAIN - Psybox Music / Austria

► DJ CONTEST -> more Infos soon...

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