Pratersauna Selected w/ Format: B

Ruling dancefloors for more than a decade under their conjunctional moniker Format: B and amazing crowds with their trademark MotorFunk-style Franziskus Sell & Jakob Hildenbrand have come a long way musicwise, even before they started to awe punters and DJs alike with their first releases put on the circuit via labels like Highgrade Recordings, Stil Vor Talent or Opossum Recordings.


▌Format: B (Formatik, DE)

► Crazy Sonic (Tronic Music,AT)
► Billie Jean

BUNKER hosted by System A

► Aida Arko
► Annika Stein
► alecid

Early Bird - 8 Euro - SOLD OUT
Presale 1 - 10 Euro - SOLD OUT
Presale 2 - 12 Euro - AVAILABLE


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