Pop:sch live / Andaka & Joja

pop:sch are a Vienna based queer electropop band. Their style can be described as a blend of bubble gum pop and beat driven 80s synth music. Currently they are working on their second album, set to be released in 2019.

Andakais the DJ Pseudonym of Angelika Daphne Katzinger, born in Linz/Austria. She began DJing in 2004 under this name, since then she is constantly spinning records in bars, clubs and festivals like Ars Electronica Nightline ( or Crossing Europe Film Festival at exhibitions, breakdance battles and Backup DJ for Rappers KraVali(A) and Yasmo aka Miss Lead at Festa2H HipHop Festival alongside DAS EFX (USA) Lino + Arsenik (Fr) Casey (Fr) in Dakar/Senegal 2015.

Joja is known to play versatile dj sets that every now and then take a step back from straight up club tracks to some melancholic and mostly vocally accompanied tunes. It won‘t come as a surprise for her listeners which path her musical passion took when she found her own sound.

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