Ping Pong #3 - Anna Breit & Luise Hübner

In the exhibition PING PONG #3 at OstLicht Gallery, artists Anna Breit and Luisa Hübner enter into a visual dialogue on the subject of the body. Following the rule of the game, each of them responding to a photo of the other with their own, the two throw the ball at each other over a period of ten weeks. The result of this artistic exchange is a series of 52 pictures.

The anonymous protagonist, all dressed in rose and pink holding a plate of punch cakes in the same colour, followed by a self-portrait: Luisa Hübner sits in a bathtub, her unusual glasses filled with water on the inside, turning her into a living bubble level. Or: a dark purple, wrinkled silk blouse follows a wrinkled eggplant on a matt background.

The back-and-forth between the two photographers takes the form of a multifaceted and intuitive conversation. Each photograph refers to details of the previous one in terms of content or form, establishes aesthetic references or picks up moods. Often the association is unmistakable, sometimes it is not immediately obvious. These shown works are either individual photographs from series, preliminary studies for projects or snapshots that are placed in a new context by the PING PONG. There are twisted bodies, dressed in nets and nylon, soap bubbles, raincoats and back views, crossed and smoking hands, glances into the camera, burst chewing gum, bruises on skin, self-portraits and photographs of friends and one's own mother. The viewers are invited to find their own connections between the pictures and be astonished by the communicative power of photography.

A dialogue exhibition series at decentralized locations in Vienna, initiated by Female Photographers Vienna. Supported by SHIFT III.

Vergangene Termine