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Petaw Band - African Music, Groove and Dance

Vier Musiker aus Drei Kontinenten:

BYRON CORTÉS - Kolumbien: Bass
IBOU BA - Senegal: Percussion (Master of Djembe)
MANSOUR - Senegal: Voice & Rhythm Guitar
SINISA GASCIC - Kroatien: Lead Guitar
"Petaw is Wolof for "mother-of-pearl". As the mother of pearl, Petaw band stands for a spectacle of oscillating colours and sounds, marvelling the listeners with a multi-faceted representation of West African music. The mother-of-pearl stems from the sea, who is conductor and connector of continents. In the same way, the band follows the tradition of music as conductor of messages, cultural heritage and ways of living and at the same time connector of continents, musical styles and individuals. The permanent but yet so variable sound of the waves is translated by the band's rhythmic section: Ibou is full of expression through his instrument, Byron enriches this proposal with his groove and latin flavour and does also arrange the songs written by Mansour, the deep and heart-warming voice and rhythm guitar, who is providing the colours together with Sinisa, playing the melodies and giving depth and adding dimension to the music. The music of Petaw band appeals the never outdated traditions of the West African music as a call of the mother Africa to the rest of the world."

Tickets at the door / AK: 10,- / 8,- €

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