Petal Blades with Qualiatik & Dasychira, IDKlang

In Dada Social x AMEN - PETAL BLADES

Dasychira (NYC, US) LIVE
Idklang (Vie) LIVE


QUALIATIK is the multimedia project of producer, singer, songwriter, and new media artist Arielle Herman, who began making music while studying neuroscience in college. Through her dynamic live show, QUALIATIK sows an empathic and exposed connection with the audience. Her feverishly introspective music molds sound to immerse the listener in deep and nuanced emotional landscapes. “Ethereal, restless, and bursting with life,” QUALIATIK's work explores psyche and identity, drawing a sharp arrow inward and following its path toward an eager probing of the human experience.

Dasychira is the name of Adrian Martens’ innovative electronic narrative project. As far as biologists are concerned, “Dasychira” is a genus of moths. The namesake is no coincidence, however. One listen to the music of Dasychira reveals an organic, earthly essence underlying the sputtering club rhythms and ethereal sound textures.
It’s a feeling of youthful discovery that lies at the heart of Dasychira’s music. You can hear it in the ethereal whimsy of the productions on his first EP “Immolated” as well as the recent Blueberry Records release “Haptics.” Martens says he doesn’t intentionally incorporate his connection to nature in his music, however. As he puts it:
“A lot of it stems from feeling, and the feeling that inspired ‘Haptics’ was the yearning to get back to that place of exploration and awe.” (text by

IDKLANG's (aka Markus Steinkellner) live show 'Dystoplaya' is a machine summoning, an ancient mutant what cannot be named. Convulsive punk and death metal vocals slice through metallic blasts of grime and juke, channeling a contemporary spirit of Throbbing Gristle. Cathartic, ritualistic trance pierces the air, born of present day suffering and political discontent, feeding from raw industrial energies much akin to contemporary peers like Pan Daijing or HDMIRROR.
These unusual, theatric decisions of sound are shining examples of what musicians like Steinkellner - with backgrounds in composition and metal bands, - are capable of: an experience of sound that makes you dance, yet manages to constantly surprise you, easily rivaling cinematic soundtracks. (Text by Gergő Kovács)

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