Olivier Hölzl - Babel

Towers, from the royal society of putting things on top of other things, to the ancient human tribes who dared to challenge god and nature, to toddlers exploring the world of cubes and physics, the urge to build a tower is ancient and deeply embedded in human nature, culture and history.

Bricks, stones, sticks, may be bones, build, cells, walls, stairs, oppose the holes, rise and shine, in the sky, to fall eventually down in the dawn of time. On the tarot card or on a postcard, in a fairy tale or the old testament, in the middle age or the turbo-capitalist doomsday's you just cant get enough of TOWERS!

This being said, the artist Olivier Hölzl took the journey to the top on the slowest rocket possible...

curated by Georgij Melnikov
Vernissage visit only with reservation Time-Slot,
limited capacity max. 10 Person per 1 hour

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