Neue Wiener Dekadenz #4

Wir freuen uns auf die bereits vierte NWD-Ausgabe, diesmal mit dem alternativen Subtext "New World Disorder".

Mit Moxx ist zum zweiten Mal ein DJ aus der Funkroom-Crew zu Gast, Text mag er nicht so gerne, er lässt lieber Releases u.a. auf Yoshi_Records raus. Soll uns nur recht sein. Unser zweiter Act mag Text schon, deshalb lassen wir´s gleich laufen:

Grace Schella is a Vienna based dj and known for her dynamic vinyl sets which can span over various genres. As much as she loves to energize a dancefloor her interest is equally focused away from it, going also into the experimental corners of electronic music. Her style is wide-ranging, from hard, dark, breaky techno mixed with Detroit classics and Chicago bangers to full-on electro sets. She is respected for gliding through her varied vinyl selection with a true sense of dedication to the craft. Formerly known as "maxi." and as one of the founding members of the female DJ Collective ‘Viennoise’ she has engaged in supporting vinyl culture & female forces by curating exhibitions, holding DJ workshops and promoting parties in Vienna since 2013. Lately she has focused on connecting creatives from CEE and CE which lead to the collaboration project “Brutalists”. Apart from that she is also a member of the “female:pressure” network.

Warm-Up macht diesmal Karton mit einem wahrscheinlich auch abwechslungsreichen 2-h-Set zwischen Elektro, Acid, House und Disco, und das neue gegründete Duo 110010001010 schmeisst uns vermutlich mit etwas härterem Techno aus dem Club...


GRACE SCHELLA [Brutalists, female:pressure]

MOXX [Funkroom]

110010001010 [subetasch, Dickgelb]

KARTON [subetasch, Dickgelb]

Admission: 5,- all night long!

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