Nofilter invites Vig0 & friends

We thought it’s been too long...too long without a good old PARTY.

Therefore we invite our special agent to spread the truth, which can be described as a cocktail of:
1/ Infectious beats, plus:
2/ Sneaky basslines,
And to finish add some
3/Hypnotic melodies...

Feel free to bring your very special outfit. Glitters and make up are also very welcome under the disco ball. Come happy, come shiny.


Vig0 can be heard from Paris to Berlin, and of course in Vienna, where he played in venues like La Karambole, Repeat, Griessmühle, Volksgarten Pavillon, Fluc or das Werk...
For his first time in Elektro Gönner, you can expect him to drop weapons of massive destruction on the dancefloor....

He might come with a secret guest, but for the moment, it is still classified information....
..will keep you updated!

Vergangene Termine