Nil Desperandum #74 Live: Seine, DJs Patrick Ward & Cissy Boi

Nil Desperandum #74
DJs Drehli "Stranglehold" Robnik, Patrick Ward & Cissy Boi
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Und das schreibt die NILs Pubic Relations Abtei:


Sehr aufmerksame hiermit Eingeladene, liebe Leut & dear dandy Darlings,

nachdem die unglaublichen Vlasta Popić drei Gastspiele bei NILs (#17, #40, #48) gaben, haben wir nun bei NILs #74 die Ehre mit SEINE eine der „Nachfolgebands“ bei unserer kleinen Soiréyeah begrüßen zu dürfen. Es ist dies der zweite Versuch die Gruppe als Gäst_innen bei uns zu haben - beim letzten blieb das Mietauto liegen - hoffen wir also diesmal auf sehr gute Fahrt! Dankenswerterweise hat sich Ivan von SEINE nochmal dem berüchigen NILs Fragenkatalog gestellt und wie folgt (& in English) beantwortet:

01) Who are you & where do you come from?
I am Ivan, and I come from Varaždin, a little town north from Zagreb. I majored in Russian and I love Dostoevsky – he’s been my greatest influence socially and politically. Music-wise, I feel punky.

02) How do you call your music?
That's up for grabs. Whoever defines it first, gets to hang out with our drummer. He's a love machine. People use words like folk, noise, post-punk, psychodelic, electro and so on and so forth. It's all well. I really don't care much.

03) What does music do for you?
Music is something I obviously can't do without. It articulates me. And I articulate music that is not yet here. And it articulates me that's not yet there.

04) What do you do for music?
I devote my time and resources to music, I make different compromises to be able to spend the majority of my time doing music. But it's not something I feel as a burden. At least most of the time.

05) What's Vienna to you?
First and foremost, Vienna had a huge cultural impact on the northern part of the Croatia where I’m from. My hometown is actually called “Little Vienna”. We got a lot of Austrian words and the architecture’s pretty the same. Also, there’s a lot of historical burden between our two great nations. ‘Member Wiener Neustadt? Like, in the 17h century, when our lords went “to talk” to Vienna about the position of our people in the empire? Only thing that came back were their heads. Rolling. Too dark?

06) What’s NIL DESPERANDUM to you?
Holger and his parties. Always had a beautiful time there.

07) Wanna name your Top 5 favourite records?
Hard to say. I will give you a couple of albums I really liked recently. Igralom ( – a afro-beat-blues machine from Niš (Serbia), their debut album is great. Harvo Jay ( – from Osijek (Croatia), kind of math-noise-indie-rock, new kids on the block. And the new album by Žen ( Post-rock, psychodelic, math, prog, shoegaze. Whatever you want, and it is so nice.

08) Can you name your favourite live-music-moment ever?
This answer refers back to the last one – we played a show with Žen in Ljubljana a month ago. They are fantastic. Amazing. Incredible.The vibe they radiate, it's just warmth.

09) What do you need/want from your audience?
Open and honest ears.

10) Wanna give out a contact where your fans can get in touch?
They can find us in Rhiz no problem, or somewhere in the online abyss ([email protected])

11) (Bonus-Round) How does it feel beeing only boys in your band?
Haha. I don't know how to answer this one. It lacks balance in a way, but in a way it totally doesn't.

Soweit also Ivan von SEINE… mehr? Bitte hier: & hier: & hier

Außerdem haben wir natürlich auch wieder die Freude einen DJ-Gästin ankündigen zu dürfen, diesmal ists niemand anderer als PATRICK WARD, musikalisch umsichtig und weitläufig wird das werden… und also toll!

Zusätzlich wird uns auch DREHLI „Stranglehold“ ROBNIK beehren, er macht wieder die Anheizung, streng von 21.00 - 22.00 - wir freun uns!

Auf Euch! (Eintritt freie Spende für die Musi!)

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