Mutter's Hotel D'Amour w/ Virginia

Hotel D'Amour by the infamous Mutter-Crew is about to set new standards in Viennese dance culture. United and driven by love for music, we are setting out to bring educated house music back to the main dancefloor. Check in at Hotel D'Amour for the sexiest, polyamorous, gender-free and unpretentious crowd south of Berlin. Let's push things forward!

Hotel D'Amour
by Mutter


:: Music ::
Virginia (Ostgut Ton, Panorama Bar Resident)
Marc Græbnør (Goldcut Crates)
BØRT (Mutter)
Gerald VDH (MEAT Recordings)

:: Facts::
Gender Free, Gay, Bisexual and Hetero
Kitchen: Porn Cinema
Educated Music

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