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Mugwumps / Dorkatron / Trauma Centrum

In addition to the DeeCracks Sweet Sixteen Fest at ARENA WIEN on September 19/20 - DeeCRACKS will host a BONUS SHOW at the Rhiz Vienna on the following day, September 21st. Come and party one more night with the following bands:

On stage:

  • The Mugwumps
    This longrunning super-trio returns to the Rhiz Vienna to amaze you all once again with their perfected ramones-core sound. One of the best punk rock bands Austria has to offer. Those who've seen/heard them will agree, those who haven't should come and find out!

  • Dorkatron
    These geeks from Klagenfurt, Austria will give yet another lesson in pop punk to all of you. Bring your lunch money and walk the extra mile with them. #booksnotbombs

  • Trauma Centrum - Süd
    Fresh off the bench of their ice-rink in Vienna, this pair of handsome brothers will highstick your hearts with 100+10% dipsy doodle puck rock hockey tunes. No misconducts forgiven!

After Party DJ will be none other than Stefan Tijs (Stardumb Records, Rotterdam, NL)!

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