Morphed w/ Icicle meets Break & Lake Festival

So far so good 2019 is the year we´re celebrating 20 years of Morphed! Let´s start this Season with a nice meetup with our buddies from BREAK & LAKE Festival July 2019 where last year Steezy & Rufftuff were hosting all days at all stages too!

◥ with his brand new EP we’re happy to welcome MR. ICICLE back in town!


◥ ICICLE (Entropy / Shogun Audio NL)

◥ SEPIA (guerilla warfare music)
◥ NDL b2b CONQUERER (morphed)
◥ FLOOZE b2b TWISTED TECHNIQUE ( break n lake festival)
◥ CHRONICALL b2b SORB (morphed)

Hosts of the Night:
◥ MC STEEZY (guerilla warfare music)
◥ MC RUFFTUFF (morphed)

Vergangene Termine