In the very hot summer of 2015 I arrived to Israel to create a film about the Fringe Scene. It was a wonderful experience. As a one man crew I crossed the country and met remarkable people. Each of them is working in a different city, in different places and spaces. Each of them has developed an own theater language. Hamakom theater sent me from Vienna to Israel to document the Fringe Theater scene there and I was privileged to meet old friends and partners to the theater world again and enjoying a great unique theater expression, my old good partners, colleagues, pupils, friends. My theater Mishpucha. The film brings a close up of some of the theater artists in order to present to he public of Hamakom theater the contemporary alternative theater world,

David Maayan, together with Yuval Meskin (Artists and a great knower of the fringe theater scene) will attend the film screening and the next day “brunch” discussion.

David Maayan is an Israeli artist living in vienna since 2005

a Documentary film

created by David Maayan

Vergangene Termine