Mini English Drama Festival: Entity Theatre e.V.

In 2009, the crew of a Spanish shrimp trawler called Francisco y Catalina rescued 51 migrants drifting aboard a sinking raft in the Mediterranean Sea. The crew and refugees were denied access to the Maltese port of Valletta and were left stranded. They struggled to survive as food, water, and patience quickly dwindled. Meanwhile, diplomatic efforts were made to resolve the situation while the matter was hotly debated by the public and media.
"Numbers" is based on the events which transpired while the vessel was stuck in diplomatic limbo.

Director Bogdan-Andrei Tabacaru Actors Bogdan-Andrei Tabacaru, Sophia Gonzalez, Rouven Blessing, Florian Riemer, Cristina Buznea, Lydia Sturm, Daniel von Eichhorn, Mia Phillips Lighting technician Ashok Vasudevan Sound technician Tom Hafner

Vergangene Termine