Minami Deutsch / Hypnotic Floor / Breitband

Ultraviolence Records proudly presents Minami Deutsch & Hypnotic Floor!

Minami Deutsch / 南ドイツ
Japan | krautrock | minimal
Minami Deutsch are essential listening for lovers of ’70s Krautrock motorik in the vein of Neu!, Harmonia, and Kraftwerk. There is not a single bum vibe on their album, yet it’s made by human hands and not by machines. It’s how each song breathes and how it grows in the soil that frees it from the cold, mechanical “motorik” stereotype.

Hypnotic Floor
Vienna | neo psych
Wonderful neo psych band from Vienna, combining different psychedelic, kraut and prog sounds to present them on this Hypnotic (Dance)floor!

Vienna | krautrock
First show of the new kraut influenced band Breitband, with members of Aux Portes. Exciting!

Vergangene Termine