Pop / Rock

Mike Perry

Auf der spark7/KroneHIT Electronic Music Bühne darf der schwedische DJ und Musikproduzent Mike Perry, der im Sommer 2016 mit seinem Hit „The Ocean“ seinen weltweiten Durchbruch feierte, als internationaler Headliner ordentlich Gas geben.

Swedish born DJ & producer Mike Perry and his hypnotic global dance hit ‚The Ocean‘ cast its own wave over the summer music landscape. With over 375 million Spotify streams (March 2017) it was one of the most played tracks on Spotify in 2016, piercing the upper tier of the global chart as it became a Top 10 mainstay in more than 20 countries worldwide. The song reached #1 with 5x platinum status in Sweden, 3x platinum in Norway, 2x platinum in Finland, platinum in Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, Australia and Poland, Top 5 in Germany, Norway, Austria, Switzerland and other territories and notching gold status in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Denmark so far.

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