Michael Mittermeier - The Road to Edinburgh 2014 – Late Show

After a successful sold-out season at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2012,
Michael Mittermeier is getting ready for this year’s Fringe and returns with brand-new English routines in this upcoming try-out show. Mittermeier's new show in English is an insider’s guide to Earth’s final frontier:
the eerie yet fascinatingly dark landscape of the German soul - a mysterious place,
were guilt, Schadenfreude and bratwurst reside. Along the way Michael will also
be journeying into the uncharted realms of Austrian nuclear intelligence, Swiss
erotica and hijackers from Outer Space in his efforts to make the world realise
that German funny bones should be an essential dish on every comedy
connoisseur’s menu.

"The Road to Edinburgh" is work in progress, roughly cut, spontaneous and improvised, yet it is a road best shared.

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