Metamorfoze x Arturo Legorreta

Arturo Legorreta [CZ]
Arturo Legorreta (Lego) is a mexican dj/producer based in Prague, CZ. As a musician Arturo got his firsts instructions in EMP at SAE Institute New York (US), this overwhelming place and it’s aceleraded rythm of life helped
Arturo to develope his very own pulsating deep and energetic style. Arturo’s sound is hectic, wavy synths, deep dark melodies and poweful basslines fulfilling the spaces where he perform. This unique style made Arturo resident of the legendary club Roxy CZ and many other main spots in Prague gaining the approval of iconic techno artists such as: Paula Temple, etc. Along his carreer Arturo shared decks with some of the biggest names in the world: Chris Liebing, Charlotte de Witte, Amelie Lens, Paula Temple, Rebekah, Regal, Nur Jaber, I Hate Models, Extrawelt, Regal, Alignment, Inhalt Der Nacht, Manie Dee, Julia Govor, VTSS, SNTS are some of the names you can find on his CV. Arturo is also the developer of a warehouse project focused in bringing the rawness and dark side of techno scene featuring the best artists in the world. The quality of the music exposed in Materia alongside the incredible atmos and visuals has made one of the most exciting gigs in Europe.

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