Martin Kohout, Adrienne Herr - Batears

Fourth solo exhibition by Martin Kohout entitled BATEARS in collaboration with Adrienne Herr.

Opening day: Thu, Oct 22, 3-9pm

I had a dream where I was behind glass, flying and flying along with the rest of the warnings. Monk, Anthropomorph, Dog, Harpy, Devil, and Plant monster were all there. Many gates, all protecting one another in spiteful rows. It felt like a place very near here, and somewhere I never go. All of a sudden there was a pen attached to my wing, that started a tricky move like one I remember before the joining of seasons…

If no sickness is, O God, what fele I so?
And if sickness is, what thing and which is she?
If sick be good, from whennes goeth my baleful thought?
But if that I consente that it be?
And if that I consente, I dutyfully
Allas! what is this wondre maladie?

Performance by Adrienne Herr: Thurs, Oct 22, 4pm & 7pm
Exihibition duration: Oct 22 - Nov 28, 2020

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