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March Forth!

In the grand tradition of entertainers throughout history, the gentlemen of the English Lovers devote their inconsiderable improvisational talents to the distraction and delectation of the men--and more particularly women--in uniform (and out!).

Rejected by the USO screening committee, Mike the Knife, Shenanigans Banigan, Jimmy le B and the Big D decide to take the bull by the horns (or the hawk by the beak) and mount their own evening for the soldiers in blue, tan, green, and camouflage mufti.

Eschewing distant theaters of war in which conflicts are currently being waged on the grounds that you can´t get a decent martini, they join Heartbreak Erharter and the White Shoes Orchestra in the Officer´s Club in Palm Springs for a evening of ribaldry and bragadoccio, crooning, swooning and general buffooning.

Join them and raise your spirits, glasses, and general levels of libido in what may be your last act of true patriotism.


The English Lovers Gentlemen: Jacob Banigan, Dennis Kozeluh, Jim Libby and Michael Smulik

White Shoes Orchestra: Lenny Dixon, Klaus Erharter and Wolfgang Erharter

Vergangene Termine