World Music · Singer-Songwriter

Manu Vera Tudela

Manu Vera Tudela is a singer songwriter from Peru. His music is inspired by nature, travels and inner journeys. Born in Lima, the capital on the coast of Peru, he was raised with many musical inputs and also the beach and a big city as inspirations.

WHEN: Friday, 21 June at 20:00
WHERE: Chupitos Bar Vienna, Kurzgasse 6, 1060 Vienna
+++ Free Entry / Donations Welcome +++

His style is a gentle folk music with latinoamerican rythyms influences, blues, soul and pop. Acoustic guitar and voice are his main guidelines, and his main theme: the inner landscape.

Manu has released four records: “Evacuación”, “Cusco”, “Energía Libre” and “Hilo”. In 2018 he published the sweet suite “Jardín”, a short EP based in organic and folk sounds. His music goes trought mellow and honest acoustic songs to raw electric and experimental ones. With his art, Manu wants to create a space where beauty and life expresses itself in it´s diferents ways.

Let's give it up for Manu Vera Tudela in Chupitos Bar on 21st June. ♥

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