Manifest invites Lärm Club Budapest


LÄRM/Toldi, Budapest

Mill Burray
B N C, Budapest

Roman Rauch
Manifest, Vienna

Manifest, Vienna

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Situated in the very heart of Budapest, the one of a kind techno club LÄRM offers a shoegazing Martin Audio system with top notch sound, wrapped in a jet-black, minimal deco. By focusing on a constant and credible music policy, LÄRM has become one of the most unique and well-respected venues in Eastern Europe since 2014. Its exclusive line up showcases only the creme of the crop and delivers the freshest tunes from Europe and beyond.

The representatives of the club, Manek as the programmer of LÄRM and Mill Burray as founder of the legendary resident house party B N C , will come over to Vienna!

Admission: 10€

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