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MaidaVale/Primordial Undermind

Die Schwedinnen von MaidaVale sind der groovigste Stern, der derzeit den Himmel des Heavy Psychedelic Rock erklimmt. Ihr Debüt-Album “Tales of the Wicked West” wurde im August 2016 von The Sign Records veröffentlicht. Die erste Pressung war bereits nach wenigen Wochen vergriffen, mittlerweile befindet sich die dritte Pressung im Verkauf.

Das Album selbst wurde von allen Seiten für seine Originalität gefeiert:

In ‘Tales Of The Wicked West´ they break with convention and stir a dynamic funk into the hard rock mix, which many forget was a big part of the music of the seventies. The nine captivating songs deliver on originality in a way that is seldom achieved in contemporary recordings. - Doomed and Stoned Magazine

So gar nicht altbacken und doch voller Respekt vor den Genre-Größen schickt sich “Tales of the wicked West” an, der heimliche Gewinner unter den diesjährigen Bluesrock-Veröffentlichungen zu werden. Auf dass die Schwedinnen demnächst auch hierzulande die Konzerthallen füllen.- Plattentest.de

Children of the Terrascope Nation, trust me on this one. You are going to LOVE it. From the opening wah-wah guitar scream of the riff-laden ?(If You Want the Smoke) Be the Fire? to the closing five-star ten-minute instrumental bliss-out that is ?Heaven and Earth?, which doesn?t merely spruce up Funkadelic?s majestic ?Maggot Brain? with an overhaul and a new lick of paint, but pimps it up handsomely with new wings, go-faster stripes and even furry dice, this album is utterly brilliant.? - Terrascope Magazine

Primordial Undermind

“unrelenting swamp-laced freeform sonic skrees, a colossal fringe-parting aural alliance that sees splintered remnants of garage grooves acid dipped in ferocious squalls of mind withering psyche stew” - Mark Barton, the Sunday Experience

Avant psych combo Primordial Undermind have been mining the deepest regions of freak rock for decades, from distorted, psychedelic overload to full-blown free drone music. After relocating from Austin,TX to Vienna in 2005,they have been touring Europe and the UK regularly.They have released a dozen albums on labels including Feathered Coyote, Strange Attractors Audio House, Reverb Worship and Emperor Jones.

“Reverberating with primitive hallucinogenic drones, garage rock grinds, and improvisations that slowly build from half-formed blowouts to cosmic Stockhausen-style epics… PU have crawled out of the psychedelic undergrowth and evolved into something special” - Edwin Pouncey, The Wire

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