Made in Babylon vs. High Noon Rockers / Live: Seven Sioux

High Noon Rockers, Timekeeper, Mirun, Meatman, Capone and Bro Daniel started collecting music in the late 90s/early 2000s. First and foremost they specialize in authentic roots.dub.reggae but they are influenced by a wide variety of genres - the list would be too long to mention them all - it includes almost everything from good old ska, rocksteady and blues to various shapes of bassmusic, hiphop, punk and even techno or some good austro-pop can cause worries inna di dance!

As eachone of them was active in music for a long time, they joined forces in 2013 and focused on presenting the often neglected hidden treasures of 70s/80s Roots&Dub at their monthly VIENNA ROOTIKAL-sessions . They became known for being committed to play the deepest stuff “from way back when”, yet never forgetting about the current developments of “here&now”. This time they join forces with Peter Nachtnebel, Peter Hartwig and Dubster to rock the Praterstern.

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