Ludwig‘s Private Life

Ludwig‘s Private Life is a thrilling choreography piece that brings the idea of the body caught in different situations in life. The sources of inspiration for this piece started from the term “corpus delicti” and investigate further the situations that we live and how the body deals with our major decisions in life; the transformations of the body that receives our emotions and how this change makes us react. How much do we harm or improve our body in function of what we give or receive outside.

The action of the piece takes place in a hotel names “Hotel Paradiso” where Ludwig our prime character works as a receptionist since long time. Being caught in this space between the reality of loneliness and the memories of his life, Ludwig relives his past with different people, with his decisions and his fears. He plays a dual character in the show, on a side of his pattern stays the ability of being the best employee of the hotel, and the other embraces the idea of a handicap feeling of destructing his life piece by piece.

The Hotel is a mystic place where things are going to go in the wrong direction, where one by one the women from his life come to make him experience the same moments he lived without the power of making changes. His character is weak and snaky and the group of women that are taking part of the action know him very well.

The whole action after moments of love, fights, gains and losses, escalades in to the intensive part where Ludwig is broth in front of this group that takes the face of a tribunal. He is judged for his actions, and after an emotional monolog, he is living a metaphorical death.

The story follows the identical path of our life’s, the public finds himself participating in to this action until the and where they are invited one by one to dance on the stage with the artists a romantic blues.

It is a show about personal hidden obsessions, about love and sadness that reveals clear the character of the women that come to this place. Full of hope they arrive to the hotel giving another chance for a change in their life. It is a moment when we deal with our past and the music used in this piece helps intensifying this feeling. Contemporary tango music, blues and sounds design they help creating this atmosphere. The piece contains group pieces, duets, solos, cinque, trios and three theater monologs and it is sustained by 13 dancers.


13 TänzerInnen der Move On Dance Spectrum Education

Choreografie: Raluca Nicolae

Künstlerischer Leiter: Mustapha Barkati

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