LoveFriday, LoveTechno: Girls On Techno

Jeder 2.Freitag im Monat - Nationale und & Internationale Techno Djs - hostey by Robert Stahl!

Line Up 14.12.:

Luxia ( 777music/SLO)
PurpleVibes (Bunker/AT)

Luxia is a young, uprising techno artist from Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is known by her positive energy and high-quality selection of music. She has been involved with electronic music for more than a decade - from her early starts she has been influenced by many artists from different genres of electronic music - she was mostly inspired by a special type of melodic sound from which she has developed her personal style of performance, which has been consistent from the start of her career in the year 2013 until today: her typical techno sets include soulful melodic sounds and harder bassline beats, fused together to perfection. Unique and energetic sounds added freshness to the Slovenian electronic scene, and she has been quickly recognized by local organizers since her performances always left a positive impression on the audience.
From the start of her career she has been rising with many accomplishments: she has performed in almost every techno club & venue in Slovenia, in 2016 she was chosen among hundreds of applicants to perform at the biggest Slovenian festival in Maribor - Lent, which was also her first win at a DJ competition. Since then she performed & headlined many big festivals in Slovenia like Trnfest in Ljubljana, Pivo & Cvetje in Laško and Woodland in Ivančna Gorica. In 2015 she co-founded 777music organization with Lucky Left, which launched a line of events under the name Technological and hosts upcoming local artists every year at their events at Trnfest in Ljubljana. One of her biggest achievements happened in 2017, when she won the Slovenian Burn Residency competition, which brought her to Ibiza, where she performed at Hard Rock Hotel and was praised by the judging panel including Pete Tong, Philipp Straub, Seth Troxler and Loco Dice for her technique, crowd interaction and musical selection. Burn Residency was also a conformation for continuing her path as a producer, since her original track "Go" got an excellent feedback and interest from Warner Music producers.
Since Burn Residency she has mostly been focusing on performing abroad and producing her own music, which will be released in the summer of 2018, starting with her first EP Acid Lust.
Through her career she has performed alongside many big names such as Umek, Stefano Noferini, David Temessi, Silicone Soul, Lutzenkirchen, Funkerman, Jack Eye Jones, Lea Dobricic, Stanny Abram, Angel Anx, Maayan Nidam, Veztax etc.

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