Love In The Park

Fresh out of quarantine, clubs are still closed, what to do? Let´s go outside! Together with Fluc we worked out a totally novel concept: Meet up with friends, have some drinks and enjoy live DJ music. - Crazy, we know!

Open Air Hangout
DJ Session
Live Stream
Charity for Fluc and the participating DJs

Support a legendary nightlife institution and fabulous DJs by buying cold drinks, stuffing our donation piggy bank, hanging on Fluc´s spacious backside terrace and frolicking in the giant green grassy Prater Park with a great view of Riesenrad, all in one place!


The regular 2020 “Regenbogenparade” would have been on June 13. Dang! But it means that folks just got more creative. The “Fensterl Parade” ( is one of several alternative events giving us a chance to show our pride anyway. From 2pm to 6pm people all over Vienna will celebrate in their apartments and wave rainbow flags out their windows.
If you don´t want to stop at 6pm, tune in on our live stream! For this special occasion “Love In The Park” will serve the perfect after show sound.

No matter where you choose to parade, globally, out windows or out doors, we got you covered! Connect with us and with Vienna in this extra special way.

Rumi von Baires (A Party Called Jack)
Pinie Wang (Myyy B*tch Club)
J´aime Julien (MALEFIZ, HONEY I´m home!)

June 13 | from 3pm to 11pm (cet)

Find us at the Fluc Marina Bar at the super secret backside of Fluc + Fluc Wanne, overlooking the Kaiserwiese at Prater. There should be a map in the facebook event and we’ll also post a map in the comment section.

The stream link(s) will be posted here on the day of the event: […]

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