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London meets Vienna - female Soul and Jazz

Olandra, Weronika and Maddy Rose - 3 Jazz and Soul Singers who share a strong bonding and friendship through music! They met in London three years ago and have been involved in the London live music scene, singing and performing together.
The artists will take you with their distinctive and unique way of singing and soulful music with influences of Jazz and Soul beyond your mind.

Olandra - Her music is a counterproposal to what we usually observe on popular radio stations. Her music fuses indie pop, dark folk, film music, and jazz soundscapes. Poetic lyrics are combined with an emotional and penetrating voice mixed with haunting layers of sounds and skilfully crafted melodies. This is where the worlds of Jeff Buckley, Agnes Obel and Nick Cave meet.

Weronika - She is an active London based vocalist and songwriter. Her music is influenced by pop, folk and jazz artists while her lyrics take inspiration from literature and poetry.
Her passion for complexity in jazz harmony, melancholic lyricism and a hint of spirituality creates her artistic personae and it is through these sensations that Weronika delivers and shares with her audience.

Maddy Rose - A singer/songwriter with a strong and emotive voice which is coupled with soulful piano chords, creating a unique Soul/Pop style with influences of Jazz and Blues.
Her sound is reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, Carol King and Adele. With influences of Soul, jazzy RnB, and Motown-Ballads.

DOORS OPEN 20:00 Uhr

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