Live´n´Local feat. Farce live // Ana Power

Live´n´Local hosted by The Gap.

Taking Pop out of the hands of faceless producers in obscure studios around the world and into her bedroom studio, FARCE is playing her way towards becoming one of the most fascinating auteurs in contemporary electronic music. Almost two years after a critically acclaimed EP with an impossible name (Ich sehe im vorbeifahrenden Auto den Unfall mitvorbeifahren in Zeitlupe und rueckwaerts, Meta Matter, 2017) FARCE releases her more aptly titled, much anticipated debut album. HEAVY LISTENING shamelessly requests the listener's full attention as only very few pop records can. Never losing that certain nag for a catchy riff or line, the record finds Veronika J. Koenig (writing and producing in her Viennese bedroom under the moniker FARCE) in much more tangible spheres than on her first EP. Designed as a conceptual journey from start to finish, it declares war on the much discussed death of the album and shows just how far a full, intentional body of work can go. Influenced by and compared to the likes of acts like St. Vincent, Charli XCX or LCD Soundsystem, FARCE continues to produce an intoxicating mixture of off-kilter, experimental ideas and theatrical, highly polished Pop.

Ana Power's cross genre Djsets do not tell you shit, if it's about danceable music and night entertainment. From chansons to DiscoBoogieWorldBeatFunk, from Rudolfsheim over the 80th floor straightway to Groove Ville. That fits! Ps: Schlager included.

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