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Lingua Nada / Atom Womb

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Lingua Nada: Leipzig - Noise Pop Mathcore

“…A math-rock band with dyscalculia, so to speak. No matter how you look at it, it makes you want to move, dance like a goof because of the weird beats and breaks. But nevermind. Doesn't fun things make you look goofy after all? Long story short: Lingua Nada are the most exciting and innovating band Germanys underground scene has to offer.“
- Tammo / TRÜMMER

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Atom Womb: Vienna - Psych Punk

Atom Womb first started as a duo project between Xavi and Luke with the idea in mind to keep things rather simple and focus more on creating a straight forward, in your face kind of sound. After about a year of writing, playing and discovering new music and other sources of inspiration, their sound shifted as well. Soon it became inevitable to recruit a bass player and form a trio, Michi got in and the rest is history! The term psych punk would describe the sound way better than stoner rock, while it still keeps the fuzzy and vast soundscapes that were there from the start.

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Chica Saturno - https://bit.ly/2AF2VHJ

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