LDY OSC presents: Resonate Body Motion

Resonant Body Motion is the new event series held by LDY OSC that integrates her form of sound therapy and free-form dance. Alyssa has been practicing sound therapy with oscillators and pure sine waves at various frequencies. Also integrating traditional sound healing instruments. She composes music based in 432Hz and uses frequencies that are part of the frequency meditation. During the frequency meditation a human oscillator is created by doing breath work and vocal tuning. She guides the meditation by explaining the energy centers and where the vibrations through breath work should be concentrated. The workshop will integrate the Conscious Movement - an improvisational dance - that allows the body to surrender to the music and also to create stress relieving heat in the muscles. The benefit of doing this in a venue that has a Void sound system is that the vibrations are intensified, thus making the receptivity that much more powerful. The workshop ends in a relaxing sound bath composed and played by LDY OSC.

This is a no alcohol consumption event, there will be Chaga Tea included with the entry and non alcoholic drinks for sale by the venue. No socializing once the event begins. The idea is to be present and concentrated on yourself. Please respect the guidelines and your peers! A yoga mat is required since you will be laying and sitting on the floor for part of the event.

Please sign up through the contact form under the Frequency Meditation tab on the website. No DM please it must be through contact form in order to keep this organized! Space is very limited!

If you have trouble paying please contact me and we can work something out !

More info and registration at

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