Pop / Rock

Kyrest, Rost, Melmosh

Kyrest (Dark Hardcore X Erlangen)

b : https://kyrest.bandcamp.com/
f : https://www.facebook.com/kyrest

Started in 2008, recorded a diy demo in 2009 and brought out a split 12 inch with Ruins from Bielefeld in 2011. Fractures 12 inch out now on Narshardaa Records!!

Røst (Hardcore Punk X Vienna)

b : http://rost666.bandcamp.com/releases
f : https://www.facebook.com/rxoxsxt

Mixture of old school HC and 90’s thrashcore with a social-critical message. In June 2015, the band released their first, self-titled EP on 7” vinyl, including eight DIY-produced tracks with lyrics in English and Austrian dialect. The band always tries to take a firm stand against sexism, racism, anti-semitism, fascism, homophobia or religious shit.

Melmosh (Grindcore X Vienna)

f : https://www.facebook.com/www.melmosh.at

Dead Mathcore raped by violent Thrash

Vergangene Termine