Kopf bei Fuss X RedivideR

Fresh new collective RedivideR joining forces with spacey house veterans KbF to celebrate life in one of the hottest clubs around. Put on some comfy clothes as we are about to flex you all night with some of Vienna's finest diggers in interesting combinations .

7years KbF | 2months RdvdR | 30 years Adrianho

Let's have a dance!

Kitchen duties provided by Leaves & Friends

- APUA (Kopf bei Fuss)
- ELIAS (Malen nach Zahlen)
- LAURENS (RedivideR)
- RIZ MO (Rhythm Science)
- STIPO (Rhythm Science)
- TEZIBEL (RedivideR)

- ZØTSCH (Leaves)
- FABIANO JOSE (Merkwürdig)
- BENDEJO (Kopf bei Fuss)

DOORS: 12 €

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