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Katharina Gsöllpointner: "The Climate, the Digital, the Artist, and their Work"

The talk takes place in the context of the Climate Walk lecture series and will introduce artworks addressing topics related to the climate crisis, which build on the use of digital technologies – or which don’t.

Lecture by Katharina

GsöllpointnerBeside the presentation of outstanding examples of digital art, the lecture is meant to initiate a discussion about possible problematic aspects in this use of digital technologies in the current climate situation – due to the extremely high consumption of energy this might mean.
On the other hand: Would it be legitimate to expect artists stop using digital technologies if they want to be taken seriously in regard to their critical position? What if digital media allow for completely new ways of perceiving topics of environmental threads and thus might even better touch people’s awareness?

Online: univienna.zoom.us

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