Käthe Löffelmann: Where we come from

In a collage of contemporary aesthetics and traditional values, new and old, Katharina Löffelmann tries to dismanle the main historical reasons why we function and communicate as we do in a family context.

Which circumstances and events have shaped the generations before us - and how do they still form the roles we expect ourselves to take on in today's society?

Katharina Löffelmann is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Vienna. One of her main approaches is the achievement and appreciation of the friction between different materials, techniques, connotations and personal sentiments. Most of her studio works are what she calls “LED Collages”, a combination of different carrier materials superimposed with lettering and shapes made out of luminescent wire to create new meanings. Besides contemporary political topics, she is inspired by everlasting battles like gender equality, dealing with trauma, and power structures. This also often takes shape in the examination of the 21st century subject via the means of photography, a medium she has been drawn to since her earlier days as an artist. On the side, Löffelmann works as a screen printer and set designer, keen on exploring new ways of self-expression through different crafts. After several years of operating as a street artist, in 2018 she co-founded the street art trio Ripoff-Crew with fellow artists Mariella Lehner (AT) and Linda Steiner (AT). Together, they have already created a series of large scale murals throughout Austria, Löffelmann mostly in charge of the typographic part.
Vernissage 15.1.2020 7 PM
Niko Havranek
Markus Tozzer

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