Juliet Floyd - In and Out of Mind

Juliet Floyd shall compare and contrast Wittgenstein, Gödel, Post and Turing on what classical limitative results about logic and the foundations of mathematics do and do not show us about “the mind”. She will also discuss the very idea of “post-human” artificial intelligence in relation to these themes and the Vienna Circle’s legacy of scientific humanism.

This public lecture with Juliet Floyd part of the conference Kurt Gödel´s Legacy, and will be also the 27th Vienna Circle Lecture 2019.

After the lecture, you are welcome to take part in an informal reception.

FREE EVENT: Get your free ticket at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/juliet-floyd-in-and-out-of-mind-wittgenstein-and-godel-post-and-turing-27th-vienna-circle-lecture-tickets-65416124389

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