Jefta van Dinther - As It Empties Out

Der in Berlin und Stockholm lebende Choreograf Jefta von Dinther hat sich mit seinen Arbeiten, darunter Plateau Effect für das Cullberg Ballet, GRIND, Kneeding, The Blanket Dance oder THIS IS CONCRETE, innerhalb weniger Jahre in Europa einen Namen gemacht.

As It Empties Out is Jefta van Dinther’s largest project thus far, in which he continues to work with many of his long-term collaborators. The performance spreads out as a delirious sequence, inviting us to both remember the theatre and forget it. As It Empties Out renders the body as the main site of performance and by playing with scale, dimension and time dislodges our sense-making: an extended length turns into a towering height; the time of a woman's slow descent into space becomes her age; the presence of an invisible hovering force exceeds the proportions of the theater.

The dancers willfully expend themselves through rituals, in an infinite discharge of energy, emotion and expression. This process of emptying never reaches vacuum. What is lost through shedding, leaking and opening, is gained within its experience. Plotted out in an interplay of shrill contrasts, As It Empties Out burns through a spill of unforeseen and parallel realities. A distorted fantasy emerges, of juxtaposed movements, voices, clothes and sounds. Little by little the performance coaxes the audience deeper into a place that lacks spatial coordinates and where bodies repeatedly vanish and dissolve.


CHOREOGRAFIE: Jefta van Dinther
MIT: Linda Adami, Thiago Granato, Naiara Mendioroz Azkarate, Eeva Muilu, Roger Sala Reyner und Jefta van Dinther
LICHT: Minna Tiikkainen
MUSIK: David Kiers
BÜHNE: SIMKA (Simon Häggblom und Karin Lind)
TECHNIK: Susana Alonso
KÜNSTLERISCHE BERATUNG: Frederic Gies und Robert Steijn
DISTRIBUTION: Koen Vanhove – Key Performance

Eine Produktion von Jefta van Dinther.


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