Jazzwerkstatt - Tag 4

**Tag IV***
19:30 Uhr - Nils Berg Cinemascope (S)
Nils Berg - video, bass clarinet, tenor sax, flute
Christopher Cantillo - drums
Josef Kallerdahl - bass
Nils Berg is known as one of the most influential voices in scandinavian jazz. Since the debut in 2004, he has released eight albums as a leader, and is known for broad collaborations with such vastly different worlds as Håkan Hellström, the Cullberg Ballet, Forss and Mando Diao.
In Nils Berg Cinemascope, the trio formed in 2009 together with drummer Christopher Cantillo and bassist Josef Kallerdahl, that boundlessness is taken to its extreme. Through video clips of singers and musicians from all corners of the world, the band creates new music as well as new venues, where Sweden, through a projector placed on stage, meets Bhutan, Texas, Osaka or India. A concert experience beyond the ordinary, where the border between digital and acoustic technique is being erased: all of it is performed live with the video guests projected behind the trio. The band has released three full length albums, the debut record Popmotion (2011), Vocals (2013) and Searching For Amazing Talent From Punjab (2016). Vocals is a film, which, after being screened in Swedish theatres, has found a digital screen at www.nilsbergcinemascope.com/vocals. In 2018 Nils Berg Cinemascope premiered their second film, Dina Grannar (Your Neighbors) a poetic musical documentary about the citizens of an ordinary Swedish town.

21: 00 Uhr - Eloá Gonçalves Trio (BR,A)
Eloá Gonçalves - piano, comp.
Tobias Steinrück - bass
Luis Oliveira - drums
In collaboration with the musicians André Luis Oliveira (drums) and Tobias Steinrück (bass), the trio led by newly in Graz established brazilian pianist and composer Eloá Gonçalves presents a blend of sonorities that walk between the freedom of jazz and some compositional references to classical and brazilian music. The repertoire to be presented by the trio is full of elements found in brazilian music, ranging from simple and lyrical melodies to traditional genres such as waltz, choro, and baião. In addition, there are traces of modal and contemporary jazz, always permeated by improvisation.

22:30 Uhr - Euregio Improvisers (A,CH,I)
Ines Kolleritsch: vocals
Marc Stucki: sax
Lorenzo Sighel: sax, Rap
Max Plattner: drums
Bereits im Jahr 2017 hat die Jazzwerkstatt Graz das Euregio Improvisers Ensemble gegründet, um der freien, szeneübergreifenden Improvisation auch im Rahmen des jährlichen Festivals im April eine Plattform zu bieten. In der Zwischenzeit hat das aus Musikern der Euregio Jazzwerkstatt immer wieder unterschiedliche besetzte Ensemble bereits Performances in Bozen, Bern und natürlich Graz bestritten.
Als Vertreterin der Steiermark wird in diesem Jahr die Sängerin Ines Kolleritsch Teil des Ensembles sein; sie war bereits mit dem Euregio Ensemble im Rahmen des Konzerts mit der Musik des südafrikanischen Bassisten Carlo Mombelli zu hören. Im Sinne der internationalen Vernetzung featured das Ensemble dieses Jahr weiters den herausragenden Saxophonisten und Mitbegründer der Jazzwerkstatt Bern Marc Stucki sowie den jungen Tiroler Schlagzeuger Max Plattner und den Saxophonisten und Rapper Lorenzo Sighel als Vertreter der Italienischen Initiatoren der Euregio Jazzwerkstatt.

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