Jashgawronsky Brothers - Trash

Trash! is a show where the Jashgawronsky Brothers want to discover their own roots, in a sort of journey to the past with their feet strongly tied to the present.

They do this by going back to the rubbish, which has always been for them an inspiration to make music, according to the motto: nothing is wasted.

The armenian brothers will perform an actual concert with various objects and rebuilt instruments usually meant to be thrown away. It is an amazing and hilarious show suitable for all ages. Everything makes music: brooms, buckets, trash cans, graters, toilet paper, dry and wet waste, and even human bodies! Pop greatest hits are performed with an electric guitar made from a toilet seat, melodicas are played with pumps, the most famous movie soundtracks are played with rubber pigs and punk music is performed by a ukulele quartet.

It is a show where invention becomes music and the common objects acquire a new fantastic and comic dimension. Nothing is created or destroyed, but merely transformed. After all, that’s what happened to the Jashgawronsky Brothers: a family for which trash is a reason to live.

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