Jaromír Honzák Quartet

New musical visions, great talents, original compositions, unity in musical thought, supreme craftsmanship and sophisticated inventiveness –
the Jaromír Honzák Quartet offers all that, and a lot more: an elite musical unit in the Central European region, speaking the language of jazz, but open to all musical influences and full of creative energy.
The Quartet features some of the most promising talents of the younger Czech generation –
the rhythm section consisting of Jaromír Honzák, Martin Novák and Vít Křišťan topped up by guitar hero David Dorůžka.
The new recording of the Jaromír Honzák Quartet aptly entitled „Uncertainty“ takes brilliant, enigmatic and convincing music steps out of the jazz territory and approaches a wide range of open-minded music fans. Their artistic genuineness and honesty will certainly not leave you untouched.


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