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IsThisReal? // Garage Punk im Venster 99

The blood, the sweat and the fuckin beers, that‘s what you get at a Kolossus Däächt live gig! Four well experienced guys straightly ejaculated outta the Bavarian Forest present one unique mixture of Garage Punk and Grunge. Raw but yet melodic, their fast-paced songs will catch you in about a second or even less. Following the tracks of their musical ancestors, this young band brings genuinely refreshing tunes to light without copying neither repeating themselves or others. Their authentical, kind of crazy stage appearance seems like the perfect match for their lovely sounds and the ethics of Punk. This is what Punk should sound and look like in 2019. Beware of the Kolossus! DÄÄCHT!

-- https://kolossusdaecht.bandcamp.com/

Griper was born in the legendary underground institution KAPU in Linz/Austria. Founded in early 2018, the band has since gained a reputation as a hard working live act. Griper shows are loud, wild and sweaty. This four piece serves you puristic and in-your-face Rock n’ Roll with a Punk attitude. The band played gigs in clubs between Vienna and Karlsruhe and supported acts like The Vibrators (UK) and Steal Shit Do Drugs (US). Griper also played the legendary Void Fest in southern Germany. In September 2019 the band released their first EP Fuel for Fools via Spotify.

-- https://griper.bandcamp.com/releases

Der Sound von CURB bewegt sich im Allgemeinen zwischen zerrigem Grunge und melodischen Pop-Punk-Passagen. Nach ihrer Split EP, die sie gemeinsam mit der Wiener Band The Shaftons aufgenommen haben und die im Juni 2019 veröffentlicht wurde, arbeiten sie seither an ihrer eigenen Debut EP die im Februar 2020 erscheinen wird.

-- https://www.facebook.com/curbmusic/

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