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Israel/Stücke - 1948

1948 ist die vielbeachtete Dramatisierung von Noya Lancet des berührenden, autobiographischen Romans von Yoram Kaniuk.

Die Premiere des Stückes war 2013 in Haifa und 2014 wurde es im Cameri Theater Tel Aviv gezeigt. Yoram Kaniuk kämpfte als 17-Jähriger während des Unabhängigkeitskrieges im Palmach, der Elitetruppe der Hagana, die in blutigen Schlachten die arabischen Dörfer auf der Strecke nach dem belagerten Jerusalem eroberte. Erst fünfzig Jahre später konnte Yoram Kaniuk seine Erinnerungen daran aufschreiben. „Ich war ein netter 17 1/2-jähriger Junge aus Tel Aviv, der sich plötzlich in der Mitte eines Blutbades befand.“ Kaniuk

Die jüdischen Soldaten vertrieben die Araber aus den eroberten Dörfern, Holocaustvertriebene aus Europa zogen in die frei gewordenen Häuser ein.

Noya Lancet is an Israeli theater director, translator and dramaturge, a lecturer of theater in one of the biggest theater departments in Israel, and a former actress.

Noya was born in Israel, a daughter to Ukrainian immigrants.

She has two daughters and three grandchildren.

Noya is a graduate from Tel Aviv University's theater program. She also studied with Joseph Chaikin, Michael Alfreds, John Bernard Barton, Richard Schechner, Philippe Gaulier, Scott Williams, Niki Flacks, Phelim McDermott, and at the Actors Centre in London.

Noya has acted in theaters in Israel and the USA for 13 years, from 1975 to 1988.

She started teaching theater in 1982, and embarked on her directing career in 1988. Recognizing theater's innate therapeutical power, Noya guided several community-based theater programs for at-risk populations across Israel, from 1990 till 1996.

In 1996, Noya became an acting and directing lecturer in Kibbutzim College and remained in this role to this day.

Between 2002-2005, she was a member of the artistic committee of The International Fringe Theater Festival in Acco, Israel.

In 1988, Noya won the directing prize in the same festive for "I'm afraid of you, Virginia", a play she also wrote.

In 2014 she was a member of the artistic committee in Isra-Drama, a spotlight on Israeli Drama. These days she's a member of the artistic committee in The International Exposure for Israeli Theater.

Noya has directed in almost all repertory theaters in Israel. Among her various works, several touch Israeli Jewish culture and history:

Women's Minyan by Naomi Ragen. An original play performed in Habima, Israel's national theater. The play deals with women discrimination in the Orthodox Jewish community. Noya translated and directed the play, and provided dramaturgical editing. Women's Minyan showed over 350 times.

Along the Walls, a play based on a book by Jacob Buchan. This is a monologue by a holocaust survivor as seen by her son. Noya adapted the book for theater and directed the play.

Memory is not Enough, written and directed by Noya for Habima, Israel's national theater. This is the story of generations and wars in Israel. From the holocaust and its survivors who came to Israel, through the 1967 war, the 1973 war, until the 1982 Lebanon War. A story that predicts things to come.

Address Unknown, based on a book by Kathrine Kressman Taylor. The plays tells the story of two ex-partners in an art gallery who exchange letters. The Jew who had to leave Germany, and the German who stayed behind. The play was adapted for theater as well as directed by Noya, for Habima, Israel's national theater.

Homeward Angel by Joshua Sobol. This is the story of 1948, the UN's vote on the Plan of Palestine, the formation of the Israeli state and the early days o the 1948 war. Noya provided dramaturgical editing and directed the play for Beersheba Theater.

1948, based on a book by Yoram Kaniuk. The play tells the story of the warriors in the 1948 war. Noya adapted the book for theater and directed the play for Haifa Theater.

A Scrap of Time, based on storied by Ida Fink. The play tells storied of Fink's life and those around her during the Second World War. Noya adapted the works for theater and directed the play for Kibbutzim College.

Among Noya's other directing, adaptation or translating works are:

Widows by Ariel Dorfman

Midsummer Night's Dream and Winter Tale by William Shakespeare

Doña Rosita the Spinster by Federico García Lorca

Children of a Lesser God by Mark Medoff

The Lost Women of Troy by Hanoch Levin

The Censor by Anthony Neilson

Hedda Gabler by Ibsen

And many more....

Noya lives in Tel-Aviv, Israel and her work is indelibly steeped in the intense atmosphere of this country.

Von Noya Lancet nach dem Roman von Yoram Kaniuk

aus dem Hebräischen: Alice Baar

deutschsprachige Erstaufführung

Übersetzung im Auftrag vom Theater Nestroyhof Hamakom

Regie: Simon Dworacek

Anschließend: Frederic Lion im Gespräch mit Noya Lancet


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