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Initial Margin Regulation MasterClass

This highly comprehensive and unique two-day training course has been specifically designed to train attendees in all relevant aspects of the global UMR and IM requirements as applicable within the EU. The training course will guide attendees through all the relevant requirements for IM requirements under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) and Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/2251 (Delegated Regulation). It will also cover operational requirements relating to how to calculate IM, either through implementation of the Table-Based Methodology or the Standard Initial Margin Method (SIMM), and an evaluation and review of the practical advantages and disadvantages of both.

Attendees will be guided through key aspects of negotiating and documenting IM CSAs, CSDs, and CTAs, as well as negotiating and executing a range of Third-Party Custodian agreements. Attendees will also be instructed on the ISDA SIMM™ operational framework as well as key SIMM Tool requirements. The training course will provide in depth coverage of a range of legal and operational challenges pertaining to the new IM requirements, including a highly comprehensive review of new IM technologies and offerings that are currently available on
the market.

“Like NISCs, dealers will also need to adapt existing or negotiate and execute new credit support annexes, custodial arrangements, eligible collateral schedules and account control agreements with counterparties and custodians. Given the anticipated number of NISCs associated with the final phases of UMR, the amount of time, resources and bandwidth necessary for these documentation efforts will be immense.” ISDA (2018)

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