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In der Kubatur des Kabinetts

In der Kubatur des Kabinetts zeigt "the unhomely" mit Werken von Borjana Ventzislavova, Pille-Riin Jaik, Nazanin Mehraein, Ana Likar.

curated by Liudmila Kirsanova
The concept of the unhomely was introduced by the critical theorist and postcolonial scholar Homi Bhabha. It describes the in-between temporality of living, in between cultures, languages, and structures of power. It does not mean homeless´, whereas emphasizes on the feeling of estrangement from home and on complication to determine where one´s home is.
This opaque position derives from the blurring boarders between home and world, private and public, from the confusion of the counter-experiences - in Bhabha´s words:
The unhomely moment relates the traumatic ambivalences of a personal, psychic history to the wider disjunctions of political existence´. Thus, political discourse relocates to psychic identification and produces the second self - yet intimate represents collective, becomes exposed as a symptom of time and political system.
In the exhibition `the unhomely´ we seek to reflect on the condition of in-betweenness and the insiders-outsideness, by approaching our own backgrounds. Based currently in Vienna, but originally coming from different countries, we experience the hybridity of living that blends different social and cultural fragments in a strange way. The situation of the constant bridging between the realities¬ and the emerging distance to one´s own self has become the framework of the project.
The project comes through the mediation of (Curators' Agenda program).

start 7pm at fluc marina (Kaiserwiese)
opening 7.15pm at fluc marina
curatorial tour 8pm at fluc
artistic texts and poetry reading 9.15 pm at fluc marina

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