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In der Kubatur des Kabinetts

In der Kubatur des Kabinetts zeigt "When The World Is Sick, Can Someone Be Well?" - Eine Performance in Zeiten der Pandemie.

The performance exhibition 'WHEN THE WORLD IS SICK, CAN SOMEONE BE WELL?' is a collection of works from 6 international artists. At the end of this troubling year, together with the artists, Jianan Qu forms a rather rare platform for performance works, that for a moment serves as a safe place.

The setting of the exhibition deals with the current situation where live performance is to some degrees being disabled. At this very moment, how do pandemic politics affect the artists and their artistic expression? How can performative practice be connected to a social dimension despite social limitations?

Through the online platform and with the billboards as an intervention in the public space, the gathered artists talk about the now and the future. What is in their mind and what isn´t. Asking each other how things are going, they are at the same time waiting for what is to come.
In Chinese expression, 'Spring Autumn' is another word for history. The meaning of these two seasons suggests a change, or a transition - into the known as well as the unknown.

The title 'WHEN THE WORLD IS SICK, CAN SOMEONE BE WELL?' is from the lyrics of the Canadian band, A Silver Mount Zion.

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